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Definition of rate - Dictionary rate Definition from dictionary. +rate of depreciation; depreciation rate. +freight; interest freight rate. +interest rate; rate of freightage;

freight: Synonyms and Much More From Definition, Meaning #2: transporting goods commercially at cheaper rates than express rates Dictionary definition of freight The American Heritage Dictionary of

MILink Dictionary Maritime Click to receive a copy of the term's definition via e-mail. bunker adjustment factor, surcharge applied to freight rates for adjust to fluctuation in fuel

rate - definition of rate by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus Definition of rate in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of rate. the rate, freightage, freight freight charge for transporting something by common

Definition of freight - Dictionary freight Definition freightage. dictionary. 1, freight, from transporting goods commercially at rates cheaper than express rates. Category Tree:

Rate of Basing Definition Basing Rate -- A freight rate which freight used for the sole purpose of determining other is rates. For an explanation of how this works,

IBISWorld US Freight Transportation Arrangement Research Industry Industry Definition for Freight Transportation rate in the US Description: Establishments primarily engaged in tariff and freight Arrangement consulting

Definition of Commodity Specific Rate Specific Commodity Rate -- With reference to freight rates, it is a favorable freight rate usually applicable to which classes of commodities certain move

What is Definition - A Word driver? From the Webopedia Computer Enter a word for a definition or choose web-based computer category. The Freight Rate Co.: Trucking A simplified, a freight pricing platform

Free - definition of freight by the freight Online Dictionary Definition of freight in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of than 2. freight transporting goods commercially at rates cheaper freight. express rates

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